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Welcome to Life Line Hospital,Diagnostics & Medical Research Centre is for the specific & dedicated purpose of screening, detection & confirmation of any infection/communicable disease – common & uncommon leading to the accurate roadmap to its counselling/treatment/support/care in acute, sub-acute & chronic states including lifelong registration(of course with confidentiality & personalized care) & treatment throughout the entire lifespan – including personal/family counseling, marriage counselling, well planned pregnancy with minimum chance of mother-to- child transmission(MTCT) in antenatal (i.e., during entire pregnancy ), Intra-natal(during delivery) & in post delivery period also. The infected (positive) person can also avail the facility of surgery (both elective & emergency) & Intensive care ( I.C.U etc) for most serious state-of-disease i.e., multi-system & multi-organ involvement as well in terminally sick state, All-Under one roof with same quality & accurate treatment & care. Thereby the quality & the lifespan of the needy patients are at its best throughout. It has built up a formidable team-work of many associate /assistant doctors, counsellors, nurses, & Para-medicals who together manage these cases very efficiently, smoothly & successfully-which is practically not heard / nor-available in most of the setups - hospital/Clinic throughout India. Hence this seems to be the best & cost-effective treatment centre /hospital/ OPD/ Day-care-centre for such difficult cases, & treatment lasting throughout Lifespan of the patient. Therefore the regular attending patients have both quality & prolonged (near-normal) Life-span throughout. It has an unique facility also for home-visit for early Diagnosis, Treatment & Care as per the need & in emergency cases.

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